Pay Zakat Al-Fitr – زكاة الفطر

Essalam Alaykum – السلام عليكم

The estimated amount per person for Zakat al-Fitr is $10/per person and can be donated on the website describing that the donation is for Zakat al-Fitr. This Zakat is due before Eid Fitr prayer which will be on 24 May 2020 Insha-Allah – إن شاء الله (The Prophet of Allah said, “the fasting of the month of fasting will be hanging between earth and heavens and it will not be raised up to the Divine Presence without paying Zakat Al-Fitr”).

Note: To pay your Zakat Al-Fitr please do one of the following:

1. Scan the QR or click on {Pay Zakat Al-Firt} above it which will take you to the donation page via Paypal. You can also click on Paypal link provided which will take you directly to the webpage.

Once on the the page, select the total amount box per person if you have a Paypal account or you can select “Debit or Credit Card”.

2. It can be also dropped off in the safe at the Masjid by using an envelope marked “ZAKAT AL-FITR”. Open and Lock the door Jazaka-Allah Kheir.

Zakat Al-Fitr is a duty on every Muslim, whether male or female, minor or adult as long as he/she has the means to do do. The proof that this form of charity is compulsory can be found in the Sunnah whereby Ibn ‘Umar reported that the Prophet Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Salam made Zakat A-Fitr compulsory on every slave, freeman, male, female, young and old among the Muslims; one Sa’ of dried dates or one Sa’ of Barely. Narrated by Bukhari.