New Masjid Update as of 07 Nov 2021

The Masjid construction is improved very much and progressing Al-Hamdullilah. Few things need to be repaired or fixed. The rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and so on are taking shape and so far there is no fixed date to move in at this moment but Insha-Allah it will happen in the future. Please take a moment to go the Masjid to check it out and see it with your own eyes also, don’t forget to generously keep donating what you can, Jazaka-Allah Kheir. To see all the updates go to the “New Masjid Updates Tab” section on the website to see the pictures posted showing the progress and the Graph with the goal to reach to be able to finish building the Masjid.

The community is in need to raise money as much as possible so the construction project can happen Insha-Allah. Anyone can make whatever donation to get it accomplished. Please Donate and Share via the website Tab “Donate”. Jazaka-Allah Kheir.