Serve your Masjid

One of the better-known benefits of volunteering at the Crescent Community Center of Virginia Beach is the impact it has on the community and vicinity.
– Volunteers are the foundation that holds our community together.
– Volunteering allows you to connect to your brothers and sisters, make your community a better place for all, and provide a continuous stream of good deeds!
Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: Three (things) follow a dead person: 
• Members of his family,
• His property,
• His deeds.
Two of them return; and one remains with him.
• The people and his wealth return;
• His deeds remain with him
We are happy to have you and welcome you to help contribute to make your community a better place! Please tell us a little about yourself and we will contact you!
Why should you volunteer?
 – Impact the Muslim community around you
 – Be the foundation that holds your community together
 – Connect with your brothers and sisters
 – Establish a continuous stream of good deeds for yourself!

Note: To volunteer for any positions check the Tab under “Staff” then subdirectory “Departments” to see which area you can help out. We have a lot of vacancies. Then email me@ abdelazizsecurity@protonmail.com (Jazaka Allah Kheir)